On May 16th 2017 Lama Ole visited for the first time the property named “il Poggio”.

This is his short story about the visit.

“We didn’t have much an idea what was going to happen when we came here. We went through all kinds of different levels, I think an hour and a half of following small paths and country roads by car. And when we came up here, at once it became something else.

We were really impressed, because this place steals your eyes.
Even if walking you will have the finest beauty in front of you, you will still be got by the nature. It’s very powerful.

This place is for sure 500-600 years old and it shows the power of health, the power of growth. This place will simply be a good place also for people to be here, so I only see good things.”

When asked “Lama, can you image an Italian retreat center here?” he replied: “As soon as I can! I would try to get it because it’s a really valuable place and, as a nation, you really have values that are on a very high level in the world.

I’m very glad about this place, I really hope we can get it.”

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